The team

The INTEQ crew that are based in the HQ in Gothenburg.

Jonas Karlsson

Jonas is focused on implementation of AVEVA E3D, AVEVA Engineering and developing project methodology. This includes capturing laser data as well as adapting the use of it in projects. Jonas has also worked as 3D coordinator manager in several projects.

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Mobile number: +46 70 144 7394

Email address:

Martin Djuffält

Martin is focused on working methods, database management and CAD administration. Many years of experience with AVEVA PDMS and E3D as well as AVEVA Engineering and also Navisworks, Autocad and AutoPLANT. Martin has good knowledge about communication between different CAD-systems. Further he has programming skills in AVEVA PML and basic knowledge of SQL programming. All in all with a good ability to get a bird´s eye perspective of a setup and project demands.

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Mobile number: +46 70 307 1508

Email address:

Matts Nordman

Matts was previously working with PDMS and later E3D, mostly with admin type tasks such as PML development, Cats & specs and Dabacon administration. Oil & Gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries .
Matts has also spent a few years in product development as a Product Owner.

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Mobile number: +46 70 308 0208

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Peter Fredriksson

Peter has mainly worked with AVEVA system administration in AVEVA E3D and AVEVA Engineering. Dabacon administration and cats & specs are the areas where he has done most work, and he also has knowledge about C# and communication between applications.

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Mobile number: +46 70 318 1231

Email address:

Pär Ivarsson

Pär has worked many in administration of mainly AVEVA PDMS and AVEVA E3D Design but also AVEVA Engineering. Cats & Specs, Dabacon administration and general project administration are some of his strengths.

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Mobile number: +46 70 335 3551

Email address:

Pernilla Claesson

Pernilla has 9 years of experience within AVEVA system administration, programming, catalogues and specifications and all sorts of output from the suite (for example datasheets from Engineering and drawings from E3D) she has a great skillset.

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Mobile number: +46 70 508 0247

Email address:

Pontus Gustavsson

Pontus is an engineer / Aveva E3D Superuser, mainly focused on support of Aveva E3D users, and administration of laser scanning and point clouds. He has many years of experience with Aveva E3D/PDMS, Navisworks, and working in large multidiscipline projects as a piping engineer and also as a coordinator.

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Mobile number: +46 70 600 7958

Email address:

Magnus Andersson

Magnus is an AVEVA PDMS/E3D Design user that has moved over to the admin side of things, and is now exclusively working with admin type tasks such as Cats & Specs.

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Mobile number: +46 70 314 3424

Email address: